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Proven in IT and Telecoms.

We provide you with advice, guidance, solutions and support on all aspects of IT and Telecoms including Cloud based technology.

We have provided 1000’s or organisations with Phone Systems in Kent, Sussex and London.

Also, if you are looking for Computer and IT Support, you have come to the right place.

Dealing with us will improve your life. To find out why, see our Why Us page.

If you own our manage a business or organisation in Kent, Sussex or London with up to 100 employees, you are our speciality and we can bring huge value and benefit to you like no one else.

Indeed, we will help you to survive and thrive as an organisation by offering a uniquely valuable perspective.

We will help you navigate alternatives, avoid or manage risk, educate you on opportunities and deliver award-winning service, support and solutions.


To fill our days and those of our customers with a positive impact underwritten with understanding, integrity, effort, professionalism, fun, personal development and improvement, focusing on service excellence.

Our aim is to be THE BEST in the world at servicing Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Organisations with IT and Telecoms services in Kent, Sussex and London – that is our focus.

A true story.

Patrick ran a small business in Kent providing Air Conditioning and Heating solutions.

He was faced with a problem. His File Server was edging towards the end of it’s life. It was also nearly at capacity and he was faced with a large bill to sort it out. They were also using some very clunky systems for their emails and engineering calendars.

He and his partner Steve had seen various IT providers but were confused and not comfortable with what they had been advised. Different providers came up with different suggestions, which made it more difficult.

Patrick had dealt with Nick Brandon for 2 previous phone systems (including his current hosted phone system) and noticed that Nick was also providing IT and Telecoms advice. So he phoned him up and arranged a meeting. Nick and Adam from tecwork went to see the partners and came up with a sensible and cost-effective solution. This involved migrating away from their premises-based server to the Microsoft Cloud, using a combination of Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint and OneDrive (even though they all used Apple Macs).

The right solution

Patrick and Steve were really happy that they had found people that were easy to talk to and knowledgeable.

The upgrade was done over a weekend and all the staff came in on Monday and could continue with their work. They also got one-to-one training on the new set up.

Does this sound familiar…? Could you benefit from a Managed IT Service?

Patrick’s story is not uncommon.

We find that so many smaller organisations really don’t get the care and attention they need in terms of their IT and Telecoms.

Providers are quick to come and see them and recommend solutions but often we find they talk jargon and don’t really explain things well to the customer.

Even worse, they commit the cardinal sin. In order to recommend a solution to a problem, you have to fully understand the problems the organisation is facing and understand how they work and what their objectives are – what they really need.

So rather than going into a situation with pre-conceptions on the circumstances and likely solutions, we always see customers with an open mind and ask lots of questions.

Once the solution is installed, we also make a special effort to be proactive. Most suppliers seem to ‘take the money’ every month and just react to problems. We make a special effort to keep in touch with customers and regularly review things so the IT and Telecoms solutions are optimised and up-to-date.

You need our support on IT and Telecoms  because..

You need smart business solutions but also simplicity. Also, you demand the latest technology but also reliability. Your organisation would benefit from high-spec, delivered competitively. It is likely that you would prefer industry experts that don’t cost the earth. Like most people, you want business tools and processes that just work. Of course, you need support when you need it with simple billing and a single point of contact.

We want your IT and Telecoms business because..

We want to deal with and support quality businesses and organisations in and around Kent, Sussex and London and we love helping people with their business problems and pains. Our business is growing and want to grow even more and we love building long-term relationships with our customers. In addition, we love making a positive impact to the world and business.

Get help now!
Kent, Sussex and London – Our Coverage Area

That’s right – we are never far away from our customers so we can react fast when you need us.

Plus we have maintenance stock nearby when needed.

We don’t stretch ourselves to maximise profits at the expense of service excellence.

We stress again – our focus is on IT and Telecoms support including Phone Systems for Small Business in Kent, Sussex and London.

IT and Telecoms - Kent, Sussex and London

Why us?

This is why you should consider tecwork for your Telecoms and IT.

Experts in IT and Telecoms since 1994.

Benefit to you – you get expert help from specialists meaning you get excellent expertise and the right solution for you. Compare that to other experts and we are confident we will impress you. We have been told that many times by customers. See customer quote below:

“We look forward to working with you and your team Nick. You guys stood out in the tender process and we are excited to be working with you.” – Chris Sills, Sales Director – SOS Systems.

Superbly knowledgeable having helped and supported 1000’s of organisations in Kent, Sussex and London with IT and Telecoms.

Benefit to you – our vast knowledge means that we can help you to avoid pain and minimise risk helping you to survive and thrive with technology with maximum agility and return on investment, bringing added-value to your organisation

Constantly delivering WOW FACTOR service, support and pro-active account management.

Benefit to you – you can focus on running the business without being distracted by service issues and staff not being able to work effectively.

We are using the tools in our business that we install for customers. Everything is bespoke as no 2 organisations are the same.

Benefit to you – you get a tailored solution that’s just right for what you need for your circumstances

Reliable, friendly and good people to work with

Benefit to you – you get to fall in love again with your phones and computers – you can rely on us doing what we say we are going to do and not worry about IT and Telecoms issues affecting your staff and organisation

Trusted by 1000’s of organisations since 1994.

Benefit to you – you get a good solution built around reliability and service excellence, like so many other people in a similar position to you.

Partners with global leaders like AVAYA, Gamma, Microsoft and Mitel

Benefit to you – you get proven solutions without the risk of niche products – tried, tested, market-leading products.

Helpdesk and ticketing system with a 10 minute response

Benefit to you – you don’t have to worry or be affected by service issues stopping your organisation from functioning

No risk money back guarantee

Benefit to you – complete peace of mind that you have not wasted money on a supplier or solution that doesn’t do what you expected

Everything billed on a single monthly bill with one point of contact

Benefit to you – simplicity – no more dealing with multiple suppliers and multiple bills

Director has been the recipient of 2 local Service Excellence awards

Benefit to you – peace of mind that many people in your scenario have benefited from what we do – and we do it very well

ZERO Customer Attrition since we started

Benefit to you – you know that everyone that has used us has had a good result meaning that the same is likely for you

Deliberate FOCUS on the customer journey….looking after the ‘little things that make the difference’

Benefit to you – getting something extra from your supplier makes all the difference – you are getting real value and return on investment.

Our Partners
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Contact us and you will be dealing with one of the most experienced IT and Telecoms Providers in Kent, Sussex and London

Experts in everything Voice, VoIP, Cloud and Technology since 1998 and your natural choice for Managed IT Services!