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We are specialists in Phone Systems for Small Business. If you run or own a small business or organisation and you need help with your current phone system, with support, improvement or even an upgrade or replacement, believe us when we say you have come to the right place – we have been helping people in your position since 1998 and have seen a lot of changes. We specialise in phone systems for small business.

We provide you with advice, guidance, solutions and support on all aspects of IT, Telecoms and Cloud based technology.

Dealing with us will improve your life.

We will help you to survive and thrive as an organisation by offering a uniquely valuable perspective.

We will help you navigate alternatives, avoid or manage risk, educate you on opportunities and deliver award-winning service, support and solutions.

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“Superbly knowledgeable about anything to do with telephony and the internet….extremely pleasant…..I never feel that I am being sold anything more than I need……look forward to working together for a long time.”

Peter Radcliffe – CEO Officefront Limited, City Reception Limited, Chair – Virtual Office Forum.

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A true story.

Derek owns and runs a small accountancy firm in Kent.

He had used a small AVAYA phone system for many years and had one supplier for his system maintenance, another for his lines, yet another for his IT support and yet another for his internet connection.

He had read and heard about things like VoIP and the end of life of ISDN and he knew he could probably save some money and improve his system making things more efficient for his staff and his business. He also knew that there was a better way of streamlining his suppliers, and improving the customer experience but, since he was inundated with suppliers phoning him as well as having a lot of choice when he did his research, he could not decide what to do for the best.

Does this sound familiar…?

Fortunately, he was referred to tecwork and realised that he had crossed paths with them before when they had worked with another local provider in years gone by.

He invited tecwork in to appraise his situation and was happy to go with what they suggested. He was right – he could make some savings and improve his set up significantly, whilst reducing the number of bills and suppliers he had to deal with. Not only that – his internet speed increased by a factor of 10 which was a real bonus!

This is a story which repeats on almost a daily basis.

Small Business phone systems – the reality

The reality is there is just SO MUCH CHOICE now.

In recent years the marketplace was less crowded. You would pick your line type (ISDN2e or ISDN30) and your supplier. Then you would take a phone system from them to be installed in your office and pay for ongoing maintenance and support as well as your calls, Direct Dial numbers, Caller ID – and it would all be based on BT Wholesale products which everyone offers.

Now you have VoIP, SIP, Hosted Internet Based phone systems and a lot more jargon to fight your way through.

Plus IT companies are now involved trying to make you take their services as it is all closely related.

No 2 small businesses are the same

This sounds like a cliche but it is true. We know it is as we provide so many quotations and there are no 2 the same. Guaranteed.

Our job is to understand your business and your worries. This can be a leap of faith. We get that.

When we say ‘understand’, we mean REALLY understand. Asking a few questions is not enough for us. We want to deeply understand your worries and show you how we can be relevant to relieving them – help you avoid pitfalls and disasters and being truthful there are lots of things that can go wrong if you pick the wrong advisers.

So it  might suit you to use a hosted system…or Maybe a Mitel MiVoice Business system or AVAYA IP Office. Each situation is different. If you are opting for a VoIP Product, you may need to review or upgrade your Business Internet Connection and we can certainly help with that.

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