tecwork – Our Environmental Policy

We are nature lovers and greatly value our environment. Indeed, it saddens us deeply seeing what is happening in the world so we encourage all our people, suppliers and customers to respect the environment and not waste resources.

Rather than produce a long detailed document, we prefer to keep things simple.

What follows is our main promises on how we deal with environmental issues.

1 – We all currently work from home meaning that travel is restricted to journeys that are only absolutely necessary and whilst we meet regularly and have a hot desk office available, we prefer to use the agile technology we install t reduce our effect on the environment.

2 – It is inevitable that we upgrade IT and telecoms hardware. It is normally the customer/manufacturer’s responsibility to dispose of old hardware in the proper way in accordance with the WEEE directive. Where we are asked to take hardware away, we will either re-sell it for re-use on eBAY or have it disposed of using a reputable recycling company. We will NEVER allow it to end up in the bin, the dump, or anywhere else.

3 – We have made an effort to use company vehicles that are efficient and less harmful to the environment. Indeed, our next vehicle refresh will hopefully include a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles – whatever we can do in this regard we will.

4  – In our day to day lives, we are very careful to conserve energy and keep waste to an absolute minimum.

5 – We actively encourage our staff, suppliers and customers to give us feedback on anything that we could improve upon in terms of our environmental impact – so please get in touch!