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Why A VoIP Solution is often cheaper

Most of the time, a VoIP solution is cheaper than a premises based phoned system using ISDN for the following reasons:

1 – There are no support costs – usually an organisation would pay for maintenance and support of their premises based phone system.

2 – With our VoIP solutions, you do not pay for phone calls to UK Landlines or UK mobiles….plus International call charges are normally cheaper than through ISDN.

3 – You do not pay for ISDN line rental, DDI’s, caller-ID or extra care level charges, unlike ISDN.

4 – Typically, you do not have to pay for visits or remote moves and changes as everything is done remotely.

VoIP Savings – a real life example

One of our customers is saving over £ 50,000 over 6 years by upgrading their 2 premises based AVAYA IP Office systems from ISDN to a new hosted phone system with new handsets. Here are the financials.

Previous phone system maintenance costs – £ 12,336

Previous Line rental costs – £ 59,134.80

Previous phone call charges – £ 36,499.53

Previous Cost Totals – £ 107,970.30

New Phone system maintenance and support costs – £ 0

75-user Hosted phone system costs – £ 64,800

Professional Services costs for installation and training – £ 4,000

New switch hardware costs – £ 750

Further savings on better/cheaper internet connections – -£ 14,800

New VoIP Cost Totals – £ 52,820.33

Total Savings – £ 55,149.97

In addition, we estimate further savings of approximately £ 5,000 on visits and installation charges for moves, adds and changes.

But savings financially are just the start… Read on to find out the extra benefits of moving to VoIP.

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More Benefits of VoIP

VoIP is not just about saving money.

There are a whole host of reasons why you should move to VoIP.

Watch the video below and read the following pages to find out more!

At tecwork, our most popular VoIP solution is Gamma Horizon which is the most popular cloud based, hosted phone system in the UK – To learn about Gamma click here Gamma.

Horizon is so reliable – not only that – it is packed with features and functionality and can satisfy most requirements for a small organisation up to around 200 users.

It is perfect for organisations with multiple locations, mobile or remote workers.

Call us now to discuss your requirements – we can even drop a demonstration phone off to you to immediately plug in and use.

Or scroll down the page to find out a little more – or visit our Gamma Horizon page for full details…

Gamma Horizon - infographic on what a hosted phone system looks like
Polycom VVX411 - The most popular Gamma Horizon PhoneGamma Horizon Handsets - Yealink W52P IP DECT phone with Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon Handsets.

Horizon comes with the very attractive Polycom VVX411 colour screen IP Phones and/or Yealink Cordless phones.

Most of our customers sign up for a 3 year agreement because they get new Polycom phones included Free Of Charge within the monthly cost.

Not only that….you also get Free calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles and cheaper international calls than you would have been used to using ISDN,

Gamma Horizon Features and Benefits.

Here you can see some of the main features offered by the Gamma Horizon phone system which makes it probably the most perfect of phone systems for small business.

Free Calls to UK landlines and Mobiles

Retain your phone numbers

Send out any number with outbound calls

Voicemail with Voicemail to Email

Twin your desk phone and your  mobile phone

Admin Portal for programming

Automated Attendant

Queue up to 25 Calls

Soft phone for your PC/laptop

Call barring by user

Option to reject withheld numbers

Parking, Paging and Pick up

Call waiting in second call

Call forwarding to any number

Instant internal meeting set up

Instant increase/reduce capacity

Call Barge and Listening in

Click and dial from WEB/CRM

Connect to the internet and GO

Auto fail over to mobiles

Guaranteed Call Quality

Work from any location in the world

Users control their phone via their portal

In-Built Call Recording

Free Call stats and Reporting

Advance Programming for Bank Holidays

App to use your desk phone from your smart phone

Busy lamp/light on all handsets

Withhold your number

Free direct dial numbers for all

Do Not Disturb

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Standard or bespoke Music or Marketing on Hold

Use any phone number for the day

Account Codes

Contact Centre


The best thing you can do is speak to an expert that understands the industry and how to advise you based on a non-agenda and based on what is best for you, rather than what is best for his/her company/pocket/suppliers etc.

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Supporting Business with Gamma Horizon  throughout Kent, Sussex and London.

Yes  – we don’t cover huge areas of the country – mainly Kent, Sussex and London – however, geography is irrelevant with this type of technology – as long as your user has an internet connection, they can use their Gamma Horizon phone or app anywhere.  However the locality of your supplier to your main site is important when deciding on how to trust to look after your telecoms. We are never very far away so we can respond quickly to faults and requests for service without having to spend hours in traffic jams or on unreliable public transport.

Feel free to call us for an initial chat  – we have been in Telecoms since 1998 and understand the telecoms options and marketplace.

Gamma Horizon Kent, Sussex and London Area- Installations and Support from tecwork
 Gamma Horizon Reviews

Here are just a few comments from our customers that use Gamma Horizon.

“What an improvement – we are now agile, lean and mean and we can work from anywhere – and we are saving money and have better internet connectivity –  a no brainer!”

“We recently relocated our company and tecwork installed our telecoms and internet system.  The transition was incredibly smooth without any interruption to our business.  Nick and his team kept us informed of the full process and provided full training and support.

The Gamma Horizon system has provided us with the solution we needed and transformed our operations.  It allows us to take calls from any location, either through divert to mobiles or when working from home, through our laptops.  The internet speed is incredibly fast and reliable and our business is more agile.  Our monthly bills are lower, with no extra costs for new handsets and continued technical support.”