Managed Computer Services.

IT is so complex these days and getting good IT Support isn’t always easy – it should be one of your key business goals. But it should be simple. We can provide all elements including technical support, servers, desk tops, firewall and security solutions, network switches and cabling, printing and scanning. We also provide Microsoft Office licensing, back up solutions, anti-virus, software, UPS, Business continuity and Disaster Recovery and ongoing IT support – think of it as a service desk.

Probably one of the most important areas that is overlooked by many IT Support companies is the area of pro-activity. They take your money every month and (hopefully) react when there is a problem but that is often it! Our biggest differentiator is PRO-ACTIVITY. Otherwise, how do you know what you should be doing if no one is informing you with regular pro-active suggestions and advice?

Your business or organisation relies on IT and  technology more than ever before. We get that. So who do you trust to advise and support you on what you have, what you can move to and how you make the change? We have helped 100’s of businesses like yours since 1998. Working throughout Kent, Sussex and London, your business is in good hands with our fully managed IT Support service designed by our award-winning leadership team.

Let us look after your day to day technology problems. Whether you are a tiny, medium sized or large organisation our Professional Services can help you. Even on a part-time basis if you prefer. We deal with a wide range of different organisations and will adapt to your exact requirements.

A good example of how we can help make your IT Support less demanding  is assisting you with upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 . Or if you have already upgraded, we can help you with managing it.

This takes away much of the requirement for support.

You and we get access to Microsoft’s portal which makes life so much easier than before.

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Service and Support – our Response Time in the Last 90 days.

Our first time response time to all service request tickets in the last 90 days is shown below.

This data is taken from our IT Support Ticketing System, Freshdesk. Freshdesk allows us to effectively manage all service requests and measure and report on our performance. It also allows our customers to get information and visibility of tickets and performance.

IT Support - Average Response time for Kent, Sussex and London - tecwork
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Choosing the right IT Company

One thing that we have noticed over the last 20 or so years is this.

Businesses seem to change their IT Support company regularly.

Why is that???

Well we have a theory and it is this.

Most IT Support companies are too narrow-minded in their approach and only want to provide what they have provided in the past.

Also, their terms are full of grey areas which eventually means they fall out with their customers.

Our approach is much more simple – we normally provided unlimited support and rarely will we exclude certain elements. That makes for much better clarity.

Other than that, here are a few basic things that we think should figure in your decision making when choosing an IT Support company:

1 – Are they local? Using a Local IT Support company makes far better sense than using one that isn’t!

2 – Have they taken the time to really understand your organisation and your set up?

3 – If they are making recommendations, have they backed them up with their reasoning?

4 – Do they use a proper ticketing system so their performance can be properly managed and measured?

5 – Do you like them and have you met the key people that are going to support you?

We can be your IT Support Department.

So if you don’t have any in-house IT Support or you have people away or are generally short on the ground, why not use us to help you?

Flexible and Bespoke Support agreements.

We offer terms that appropriate for your organisation.

We can offer 30 day rolling contracts or 12 or 36 month agreements.

Also, if you would prefer to ‘buy’ tranches of support up front, you can that too!!

Just call us and we can work out what is best.

Look at our response times again!

IT Support - Average Response time for Kent, Sussex and London - tecwork
Sussex, London and Kent IT Support.

We are focused.

At tecwork, we are only interested in becoming the best in the World at supporting businesses in Kent, Sussex and London with their Telecoms and IT Support.

To us, we feel it is important that we don’t get sidetracked by other things that might make us more money.

Therefore we do this and only this.

So if you are in the area and you want our service and expertise, you will be very pleased you made contact.

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