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Your business or organisation relies on IT and technology more than ever before. We get that. So which IT Provider do you trust to advise and support you on what you have, what you can move to and how you make the change?

We have helped 100’s of businesses like yours since 1998. Working throughout Kent, Sussex and London, your business is in good hands – a Local IT Provider in Kent, Sussex and London you can trust.

Making IT simple

Understanding….understanding is the most under-rated and under-practised skill in business.

Most IT Providers already have their thoughts on what is best for you before they even meet you so often they don’t have your best interests at heart, however well intentioned they are.

We will meet with you and gain some thorough understanding of your organisation. How you work…what makes you tick…what is important to you. Then we will look ‘under the bonnet’ – see what your using and where the risk and pain is.

You will be provided with a bespoke report outlining our recommendations. This could include Servers (premises-based and Hosted Servers), Security, IT, Telecoms, Print, Software, Hardware, Processes, Workflows, Manual actions and Systems. We will assess and consider Business Continuity. We will also provide a Roadmap for you so you know where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going, you cannot plan how to get there. Plus we will provide full support when you need it.

Then, if you wish, we will provide a full proposal and recommendation for you which you can consider…it is then up to you.

Local IT support experts covering Kent, Sussex and London

Many IT support companies don’t like leaving their office!! But we do. But we have to be local to each other to support you properly, otherwise it will take too long to get to you. So we only work in areas we can quickly reach – basically, Kent, Sussex and London. Further flung destinations can only really be supported properly by logging in remotely…or having people on the ground nearby.

We are constantly amazed how many businesses and organisations use an IT Provider that is a long way from their office.

Yes many things in IT can be done from the comfort of a lap top….but not all! Plus how really good is the relationship going to be if you never see your IT Provider???

We are locally focused covering Kent, Sussex and London so we can focus on proactive relationships with our customers for the long term.

IT Provider in Kent, Sussex and London - tecwork

An IT Provider that can deliver all this…

Your business will likely have lots of different elements that make up your IT environment. We can deal with and support most of them including, but not limited to the following:

Desktop PC’s and MAC’s, laptops and tablets
Cloud Migrations
Internet Connectivity and MPLS
Software including Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint Online
Security including Anti-Virus, Malware, Ransomware etc
Advice on GDPR
Ethical Hacking – Penetration Testing
Firewalls and Routers
Remote and mobile working
Network switches and network design
Comms and Server rooms
Voice and data cabling including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and fibre backbones
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Comprehenasive support and monitoring
Pro-active and Personal Account Management

tecwork – Your Pro-Active IT Provider

Probably one of the most important areas that is overlooked by many IT Support companies is the area of pro-activity. They take your money every month and (hopefully) react when there is a problem but that is often it! Our biggest differentiator is PRO-ACTIVITY. Otherwise, how do you know what you should be doing if no one is informing you with regular pro-active suggestions and advice?

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IT Services & Support

IT is so complex these days. But it should be simple. We can provide all elements including servers, desk tops, firewall and security solutions, network switches and cabling, printing and scanning. Also we provide Microsoft Office licensing, back up solutions, anti-virus, software, UPS, Business continuity and Disaster Recovery and ongoing support. Everything a Local IT Provider should do…


Whether you have just a single server or multiple servers, we can provide installation and support, including server upgrades. This includes Windows, Linux and Mac estates.

Desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets

This is an area often paid lip service to by IT support companies. Ensuring that PC and Mac devices alike are kept up to date and free of viruses, malware as well as protecting against threats like these and ransomware is critical. We can supply new and maintain devices.

Cloud migrations

This is an area where we spend much of our time. Often, there is no need for a small business to retain a server in their premises. We can plan and manage migrations away from premises-based servers to cloud servers and cloud services.

Internet Connectivity and MPLS

Another area where there is much interest and action right now. It is possible and even likely that you are not using the most efficient or fast business internet connection – we can tell you what you can get within 5 minutes.

Microsoft Office 365 and other software

Most small businesses and moved or are likely to move to Office 365 as this provides the best and most up-to-date and agile way of working – we can advise on what version is best and manage the migration for you seamlessly as any IT Provider should.

Security, Anti-virus, Malware and Ransomware

As we eluded to above, this is a hot topic right now. We can provide standard offerings from leading software vendors or we can really ‘go to town’ on your IT estate and provide a bespoke project plan to eradicate as much vulnerability as possible.

Advice on GDPR

You may not know about GDPR but it will impact every organisation from May 2018 and you need to be ready for this new set of rules on data being brought in by the European Union. We can help you manage the pain which GDPR will undoubtedly bring. More information is here – GDPR

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

You can task us to try and hack into your network and when (or if), we do, we can report on how we did it and where the vulnerabilities are. Then we can come up with a plan to deal with them.

Firewalls and routers

Often, these are paid lip service to or left to age. We can provide configuration on many of the more common routers and firewalls and we can also recommend and manage upgrades for you.


This is often an area that requires improvement and people just put up with bad coverage…but there is really no need when you can have a great secure network with guest access for visitors. This can really help with mobility for both data and voice across a premises.

Remote and mobile working

Such is the advancement of technology now, it is possible to work from anywhere, anytime on any device securely and reliably (dependent on connectivity). Also, with Microsoft Office 365 and modern Unified Communications products such as hosted phone systems, there really is no reason for not doing so.

Network switches and network design

Often customer networks are ‘thrown in’ and ‘strung together’ as networks expand. Installing and configuring network switches using proper uplinks, backplanes, V/Lans and segmentation is often overlooked and can pay so many dividends – talks to us for advice.

Comms and Server Rooms

Again, designing your infrastructure correctly required knowledge, expertise and experience. Often, we walk into an area and someone instantly apologises! It doesn’t need to be that way and it is a risk to any organisation to overlook fundamental good practices.

Voice and data cabling – Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre back bones

Designing your structured cabling infrastructure and installing it properly is critical to every device working to industry standards. We find that so many installations are done poorly – an problem area which is often easy to remedy. Note often your IT Provider will not want to do cabling – we do!