Cloud backup for your business.

Backing up your data securely is one the most vital parts of disaster recovery when it comes to the sometimes unfortunate events that might befall your business. We provide backup services and restore services for your data if unusable due to any unforeseen circumstance, such as a computer virus, ransomware or natural disaster.

What Are The Odds?

Why would you consider securing your data when 99 times out of 100 it’s readily available and easily accessible from your devices?

Say you’re working one day and receive an email. It looks genuine enough to not raise suspicions. You open the email and open the attachment from that email. 

The damage is now done.

If that email had bypassed your anti-virus and spam filter, it could contain a new and unique virus that could do damage to your data and cause huge losses for your business. New viruses and sophisticated ransomware are being made on a routine basis by criminals to extort money from you.

Backup restore services cost far less than the damage two clicks can do.

Back up is a fundamental part of your IT Network and Support set up and it should be properly catered for including regular back up restores to ensure you can rely on it if you need it.

Please get in touch for advice on this and any other of our Managed IT Services.

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