tecwork – Customer Complaints Code

We have yet to receive any customer complaints but no one is perfect and it is possible we may get something wrong.

We are big believers in keeping life as simple as possible.

So if you have a complaint, please follow the following procedure.

1 – Email us at admin@tecwork.co.uk with ‘COMPLAINT’ in the subject line explaining the situation. We will normally respond quickly but in the interests of formality, we give ourselves 1 working day to respond. We ask that you allow us enough time to put right whatever it is that you are not happy with.

2 – If, for any reason, you wish to follow up on your complaint, you can call us on 01892 578666 and ask for Nick Brandon or Adam Walder who own and run tecwork.

3 РLastly, if you still feel that your complaint is not being dealt with properly, you can write to us at tecwork, Wyndam View, Huntingdon Road, Crowborough, TN6 2DN. At this point you can also contact Ombusdman Services, with whom we are members  Рthey will assist you.