AVAYA IP Office – Kent, Sussex & London.

One of our speciality areas is supplying, upgrading and maintaining AVAYA IP Office Phone Systems in Kent, Sussex & London – these are our focus areas for designing, installing and maintaining IP Office phone systems.

Furthermore, the most popular premises-based phone system in the UK is still indeed AVAYA’s market leading IP Office 500 telephone system. It was the first rack-mounted phone system with extensions presented as ethernet connections you could instantly connect them to your structured cabling.

It has been so successful, even BT took it into their portfolio when AVAYA bought Nortel in 2009. And they still offer it now. It is probably the most popular of phone systems for small businesses.

However, the IP Office has been in existence far in advance of that (since 1999) and we have been installing IP Office Phone Systems in Kent, Sussex and London since then! That makes us experts rather than also-rans!

It is packed with features and functionality and can satisfy most requirements for a small organisation up to around 200 users or even 1000+ users!

We should say, however, that, as things stand in May 2020, many IP Office systems are now being upgraded. In most cases, we are upgrading them to new hosted phone systems.

The reason for this is that AVAYA have been very slow over the last 5 years or so to offer a credible Cloud based system to replace IP Office. As of May 2020, it seems they now have one but it isn’t a product we are keen on.

A Problem  – A victim of it’s own success!

Consequently, it is perfect for most organisations but we see, all too often, customers with the IP Office just thrown in with, what seems like little thought and often even less support!

Also, unfortunately IP Office has become rather ‘commoditized’ meaning that there are huge numbers of telecoms providers offering it. However, this rather dilutes it’s value and as such, many are merely ‘after the numbers’ and do not take enough care to design and install it with the customer’s business in mind – which is a shame. Maybe they are too focused on getting the order.

This is the reason we see huge numbers of dissatisfied IP Office customers looking around for someone that understands the system and can support it properly.

The Cloud has become huge in recent years. Consequently, many people with older systems are now looking to move to SIP, hosted or cloud based models, all of which we can advise upon.

Call us now to discuss your requirements – we can provide competitive ongoing support and upgrades.

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AVAYA IP Office Support & Maintenance.

We find so many businesses and organisations do not stick with the company that originally supplied their IP Office system. So many get fed up with the poor service and support they receive – for some reason many AVAYA partners do not place enough importance on servicing the customer over the long term and many seem pre-occupied with winning the orders and then forget about the customer until it’s time to upgrade!

That is a very selfish and, over the long term and probably a deluded way to do business.

We have picked up many very frustrated Avaya IP Office users over the years –  we have been dealing with IP Office systems since 1998.

So why not give us a call? If you are a business in Kent, Sussex or London, we will visit your premises and provide some guidance and pricing ensuring you get proper maintenance and support as well as getting the most from your IP Office system, rather than taking your money and paying lip service to proper proactive support.

We can also provide IT and Computer Support
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AVAYA IP Office Phone
AVAYA IP Office J179 IP Phone

IP Office Phones

The AVAYA IP Office comes with a large range of telephone handsets.

Shown here is the most popular and mid-range AVAYA 9504 digital handset.

One of the most powerful things about IP Office is that you can choose digital or IP (VoIP) handsets as it is a ‘hybrid’ system.

There is also the ‘budget’ 1400 series digital phones or the 1600 IP equivalents.

Also shown is the very latest (2020) AVAYA J179 IP Phone

AVAYA IP Office Features And Benefits.

Here you can see some of the main features offered by the IP Office phone system.

However, let us be honest – most systems deliver the same features! Indeed, since it’s launch in 1999, most vendors have copied it’s look and feel and it is responsible for what we call the modern-day premises-based rack-mounted phone system.

The only thing, that really differentiates IP Office is it’s hybrid and scalable nature – in other words, it’s ability for you to start small and g