SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunks are the current leading type of voice connection to the outside world for premises-based phone systems.

In recent years, SIP Trunks have overtaken ISDN as the most common connection.

ISDN has been around since the early 1990’s and will be no longer sold in 2020.

Indeed, in 2025, BT Openreach will retire all ISDN connections meaning that all connections will need to migrate away from ISDN to either SIP or a Hosted Phone System.

So if you still use ISDN you will need to change. Telecoms has changed!

SIP Trunks versus ISDN.

SIP trunks are cheaper to rent than ISDN.

SIP trunks make geography irrelevant.

You can scale up and down instantly.

You can build in auto-failover and diverts – great for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles are normally FREE. International calls are also cheaper.

You don’t pay for Caller ID or Direct Dial rentals.

You can use any phone number in the world (in and out).

SIP Trunking Basics.

What does a SIP Trunk look like?

Basically, we tell your premises based phone system to connect to a pre-authenticated IP address at the SIP Trunk Provider.

The connection is made and calls can then be made and received.

The prices you pay for rentals, calls and so on are pre-agreed and you get a monthly bill just like you would with ISDN.

It is extremely important to use SIP trunks in a secure way otherwise you open up your network to security risks including Denial Of Service Attacks – we can advise how to do this.

Note your phone system must have been tested with your SIP trunk provider of choice.

SIP offers much better Business Continuity than ISDN.

Watch the video on ‘Active Standby’ in this page.

If there is a problem (say a hardware failure), calls can automatically be sent to another site or another endpoint on the same site.

This means the chances of you losing calls and not being able to function are made very small indeed.

Much better than ISDN.

You can also bolt on extra features onto your SIP trunk using our optional SIP Trunk Call Manager.

SIP Trunk Call Manager allows you web access to your own portal from where you can control your SIP trunks including:

1 – Instant divert or re-routing of numbers

2 – Time and day of week routing plus date routing (for bank holidays)

3 – Reporting and call management information

4 – Email alerts of missed calls

5 – One touch Business Continuity

6 – Hunt Groups and Call Distribution

7 – Queuing and announcements

8 – Voicemail

9 – Advanced Stats and reporting

10 – Management by Smartphone app

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SIP Trunks – main benefits

Download our free SIP Trunk e-book here

Free SIP Trunk e-book
SIP Trunk Prices

Every supplier has a different way of charging for SIP trunks.

We are quite simple.

We charge a small activation charge and SIP Trunking rentals are £ 9.99 per month per SIP channel although we may vary this charge depending on your requirements.

This includes Free UK calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles and VERY competitive international calls – please ask for prices as they vary from time to time.

SIP Trunks Costs and Prices
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Regarding SIP Trunking, our SIP Trunks are from Gamma – the UK Market leaders.

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