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Our Telecoms advice and services includes, but is not limited to the following:

Phone Systems (traditional systems and Hosted Phone Systems), Phone Lines and Services including ISDN2e, ISDN30 and analogue lines, SIP Trunks, Inbound Intelligent Services, Call Recording, Call Logging, VoIP, SIP extensions, Structured Voice and Data cabling, Business Mobiles and Mobile Device Management, Broadband and Internet Services, UK and International Phone Numbers, Seamless Office Relocations, On Hold Marketing and Number Retention and much more.

All of the above can be delivered on a single monthly bill.

“Superbly knowledgeable about anything to do with telephony and the internet….extremely pleasant…..I never feel that I am being sold anything more than I need……look forward to working together for a long time.”

Peter Radcliffe – CEO Officefront Limited, City Reception Limited, Chair – Virtual Office Forum.

Telecommunications – the Options in 2019

Traditional Phone Systems

People still use and buy traditional phone systems today using ISDN2e and ISDN30. There is nothing wrong with that approach where it is appropriate. Nothing at all.

But for most businesses and organisations, there are some really valid and compelling reasons to deploy more up-to-date solutions such as VoIP, Cloud, SIP, and Hosted Internet based telephony.

Frankly, ISDN is now well over 20 years old and is expensive by comparison to SIP or Hosted. Plus you have BT Openreach in the mix and no one should endure that if it can be avoided. Plus ISDN is end of sale in 2020 and being retired in 2025

VoIP, SIP, Hosted And Cloud

For most organisations, it is now much better to migrate from ISDN30 and ISDN2e to either SIP trunks with a PBX/phone system or go fully hosted with a cloud-based system.

VoIP, in case you are not aware, simply means running a voice service over a data network. Both elements can be either in your premises (eg using IP phones) or outside your premises (SIP or Hosted/Cloud based telephony)

Plus, everything is instant, scalable and there is much better functionality and resiliency.

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The best thing you can do is speak to an expert that understands the industry and how to advise you based on a non-agenda and based on what is best for you, rather than what is best for his/her company/pocket/suppliers etc.

We have been doing this since 1998! You would not believe how badly organisations get advised by big and small telecoms companies – often we seen systems ‘thrown in’ without any care for the customer – Telecoms companies often have great sales people but then the result is often poor – sometimes very poor. In these cases we sort out the customer and get their system working for them for maximum payback on their investment.

Contact us and get the benefit of our experienced experts.

Gamma Horizon.

The most popular cloud based, hosted phone system in the UK is Horizon from Gamma.

It’s so reliable – not only that it is packed with features and functionality and can satisfy most requirements for a small organisation up to around 200 users.

It is perfect for organisations with multiple locations, mobile or remote workers.

Call us now to discuss your requirements – we can even drop a demonstration phone off to you to immediately plug in and use.


The IP Office is one of the world’s most successful telecoms stories. Originally introduced in 1999, it has evolved and adapted into a huge phenomenon.

In our opinion this is due to is appealing to a varied number of businesses of all sizes, it’s strong feature set and it’s price.

See our dedicated page on AVAYA IP Office for more detail.

IP Office is a hybrid system which means it can use a multitude of different technologies including lines that are ISDN30, ISDN2e, SIP or analogue. Plus extensions can be digital, analogue, IP or SIP. So it is very versatile.

Mitel MiVoice Office 250

Much like the IP Office, this system has a wide ranging appeal to all sorts and sizes of organisation.

For a certain type of requirement though, the MiVoice Office definitely pips IP Office to the post.

Examples would be organisations running Contact Centres (Call Centres) or needing integration with a software package to allow screen popping and clicking and dialing.

Like IP Office, it is a hybrid meaning that it can use lines that are ISDN30, ISDN2e, SIP or analogue. Plus extensions can be digital, analogue, IP or SIP. So it is very versatile.

Supporting Business Telecoms throughout Kent, Sussex and London.

Yes  – we don’t cover huge areas of the country. That is important when deciding on how to trust to look after your telecoms. We are never very far away so we can respond quickly to faults and requests for service without having to spend hours in traffic jams or on unreliable public transport.

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This is why you should consider tecwork for your Telecoms and IT.

Experts in IT and Telecoms since 1994.

Benefit to you – you get expert help from specialists meaning you get excellent expertise and the right solution for you. Compare that to other experts and we are confident we will impress you. We have been told that many times by customers. See customer quote below:

“We look forward to working with you and your team Nick. You guys stood out in the tender process and we are excited to be working with you.” – Chris Sills, Sales Director – SOS Systems.

Superbly knowledgeable having helped and supported 1000’s of organisations in Kent, Sussex and London with IT and Telecoms.

Benefit to you – our vast knowledge means that we can help you to avoid pain and minimise risk helping you to survive and thrive with technology with maximum agility and return on investment, bringing added-value to your organisation

Constantly delivering WOW FACTOR service, support and pro-active account management.

Benefit to you – you can focus on running the business without being distracted by service issues and staff not being able to work effectively.

We are using the tools in our business that we install for customers. Everything is bespoke as no 2 organisations are the same.

Benefit to you – you get a tailored solution that’s just right for what you need for your circumstances

Reliable, friendly and good people to work with

Benefit to you – you get to fall in love again with your phones and computers – you can rely on us doing what we say we are going to do and not worry about IT and Telecoms issues affecting your staff and organisation

Trusted by 1000’s of organisations since 1994.

Benefit to you – you get a good solution built around reliability and service excellence, like so many other people in a similar position to you.

Partners with global leaders like AVAYA, Gamma, Microsoft and Mitel

Benefit to you – you get proven solutions without the risk of niche products – tried, tested, market-leading products.

Helpdesk and ticketing system with a 10 minute response

Benefit to you – you don’t have to worry or be affected by service issues stopping your organisation from functioning

No risk money back guarantee

Benefit to you – complete peace of mind that you have not wasted money on a supplier or solution that doesn’t do what you expected

Everything billed on a single monthly bill with one point of contact

Benefit to you – simplicity – no more dealing with multiple suppliers and multiple bills

Director has been the recipient of 2 local Service Excellence awards

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ZERO Customer Attrition since we started

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Deliberate FOCUS on the customer journey….looking after the ‘little things that make the difference’

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