Business Mobile

If you are looking for Business Mobile experts who have access to O2. EE, Vodafone and 3 and can provide a bespoke deal based on your business or organisation, you have come to the right place – read on.

Bespoke Business Mobile Packages.

The use of business mobile phones has seen a lot of change over the last few years.

With smartphones, apps and integration with the office phone system, the business management system and The Cloud, you really can be more agile these days.

However, not all suppliers who provide mobile services are the same – in fact far from it. Ideally you need a bespoke Business Mobile Package as no 2 organisations are the same.

Indeed some will have zero choice to offer you in terms of alternatives – not exactly best advice then when they can only offer you O2…?

The vast majority are more interested in securing the deal than anything else and this is a wasted opportunity for you, the customer, as it is often worth looking a little deeper to explore hidden opportunities in order to gain maximum benefit – that is just what we do.

Also, having a trusted adviser with the broader understanding of voice and data across your business puts us ahead of the game and gets you a better more considered solution that actually pays off in terms of people power, communication and customer experience.

If you are based in Kent, Sussex or London, even better – we can really add value with site visits, training and support.

Benefits Of Using Us For Your Mobiles.

Every quotation is bespoke

Network agnostic

Able to resell O2, Vodafone, EE or Gamma (which uses 3)

We can mix networks for you if that is best

Single point of contact

Single fully itemised bill along with IT, Telecoms, Internet etc

The best networks without the big company service issues

Retain your mobile numbers

Choose your handset mix

Choose cashback or kit funds

Personalised Comprehensive Service

Integration with your desk phones or replacement of your desk phones

Site visits throughout Kent, Sussex and London

Choose your term

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and organisations like yours over many years. From small enterprises with just a few people, to multi-site businesses with 100’s of staff.

We mainly work in Kent, Sussex, London and The South East of the UK.

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Business Mobile Packages from tecwork - including iPhones and Android throughout Kent, Sussex and London

What do good, modern business mobile packages look like?

Yes you can simply ask for a quotation from one of the big networks directly or one of their resellers.

But we would suggest that that approach means you missing an opportunity.

Let’s face it a mobile phone is a computer device that provides phone features – it should be treated as such – we understand IT and offer IT support and telecoms for customers and their smartphones are merely an extension of that.

We can help you with managing your devices to ensure your users to do not overspend on their allowances. We can also help manage your mobile devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions so that you can manage usage, applications and security.

You might benefit from sharing resources or International Roaming and Bolt-On’s – plus some users may have different handset and network requirements to others in which case there is a good chance they shouldn’t all be on one network.

Let us understand your set up and requirements and put forward a tailored package so you get the best solution.

What about signal problems? Do you have signal problems in your office or at your home workers or remote workers  sites/houses? We can sort that too? Do the home workers have the best possible broadband connection? We can sort that too. It’s an cohesive approach and solution – the chances are you won’t get that from other suppliers.

Replacing your desk phones with mobiles

Yes this can be done. In fact one of the big players offers such a service and dress it up as something unique – it really isn’t.

Yes you can ‘ditch’ the desk phone and just use smartphones instead and get all of the joined up phone system features still – it’s easy using a cloud-based system. Just ask us.

Avoiding international roaming charges

We have a few unique ideas on this. If you or your users travel around the world using voice, text and data, whilst the packages from some of the networks cater for this quite well, you often still pay quite a lot for it.

We have designed a very clever (and in a way simple) solution for avoiding such charges. Even making International calls which might normally be very expensive when outside of Europe can be made allot cheaper.

Plus we can include you in the office call recording and call logging stats of the office phone system – more cohesion!

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Special Mobile Services for Businesses in Kent, Sussex and London

We tend to be focused locally supplying and supporting businesses and organisations in Kent, Sussex and London as that is the area we are based in.

If you are in this area, we can really add value to your Business Mobile Package by providing personal site visits to provide assistance with devices, software apps, installation, training, security and good practices.

Mobile Device Management – MDM

Mobile Device Management is a term used for a solution which does what it says – it allows you to manage your estate of mobile devices ensuring you have visibility, control and security.

After all, a smartphone is a highly used extension of your computer and voice networks so it makes sense to ensure things work well and that you avoid issues.

As we have said, we tend to be focused locally  for MDM solutions so we can give you advice on MDM if you are in Kent, Sussex and London – However, we may be able to assist you if you a further afield.