When you look at Managed IT Services, there are surprisingly few IT and Telecoms Providers that have been in business as long as us – our company started in 1998.

We are focused locally meaning that we don’t spend huge amounts of time travelling and wasting time – that leaves us more time to provide support to you either on site or remotely.



Imagine a world which is simple….one point of contact for all you critical business services… itemised bill.

You just found it.


Moving to Cloud Computing is simply this…..

Instead of using an application on your premises-based server or accessing and storing files there, you are simply performing that process across the internet to a server somewhere in a data centre.

And it doesn’t just stop at data. You can move your voice or telephony too!

In fact, soon you will be forced to move your telecoms to a cloud-based service and BT are withdrawing traditional digital ISDN services.

A typical business will reach a point with it’s server when it is time to upgrade and that is the logical time to make a cloud migration. Most of the software vendors already have web-based versions of the software that you are likely to be using. Cloud Computing is just part of our Managed IT Services portfolio.

Managed IT Services - Cloud Computing


Backup and recovery of data is one the the most important aspects to consider when it comes to making sure your data is secure and able to be recovered if a major disaster is struck on company data.

It’s not just simply backing up data and hoping for the best, but rather than having a keen technical observation done to make sure that it’s done properly, relevant data to be backed-up, and not able to be directly affected by the potential failures company data might have to endure if company data were to be corrupt or deleted.

Data backup cannot always restore all of a system’s data and settings. For example, computer clusters, active directory servers, or database servers may need additional forms of disaster recovery because a backup and recovery may not be able to reconstitute them fully. This is a critical part of our Managed IT Service.


People still use and buy traditional phone systems today using ISDN2e and ISDN30. There is nothing wrong with that approach where it is appropriate. Nothing at all.

But for most businesses and organisations, there are some really valid and compelling reasons to deploy more up-to-date solutions such as VoIP, Cloud, SIP, and Hosted Internet based telephony.

Frankly, ISDN is now well over 20 years old and is expensive by comparison to SIP or Hosted. Plus you have BT Openreach in the mix and no one should endure that if it can be avoided. Plus ISDN is end of sale in 2020 and being retired in 2025.

For most organisations, it is now much better to migrate from ISDN30 and ISDN2e to either SIP trunks with a PBX/phone system or go fully hosted with a cloud-based system.

VoIP, in case you are not aware, simply means running a voice service over a data network. Both elements can be either in your premises (eg using IP phones) or outside your premises (SIP or Hosted/Cloud based telephony)

Plus, everything is instant, scalable and there is much better functionality and resiliency.



We will meet with you and gain some understanding of your organisation. How you work…what makes you tick…what is important to you. Then we will look ‘under the bonnet’ – see what your using and where the risk and pain is.

You will be provided with a bespoke report outlining our recommendations. This could include Servers, Security, IT, Telecoms, Print, Software, Hardware, Processes, Workflows, Manual actions and Systems or upgrades to leading edge solutions like Microsoft Office 365. We will assess and consider Business Continuity. We will also provide a Roadmap for you so you know where you are going…if you don’t know where you are going, you cannot plan how to get there….plus full support when you need it.

Then, if you wish, we will provide a full proposal and recommendation for you which you can consider…it is then up to you. Smart businesses these days use a Managed IT Service like ours, which can cover your PC & MAC devices alike.





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