Hosted Phones

Using a Hosted Phone System is now the preferred option for the majority of small businesses – this is a fact.

It is a reliable, cost-effective solution without the complexity of old-school phone systems.

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Cloud Based Hosted Phone Systems.

The days of using a premises-based phone system are slowly coming to an end. For a few years now, the phone system control box, sitting in the corner of the office or in the comms room, connected to digital phones and ISDN lines, has been less and less compelling in terms of what it offers and more and more businesses and organisations are switching to hosted phone system solutions, or cloud-based telephony – whatever you want to call it.

Often mistakenly referred to generally as VoIP,  you just look at all the advantages of  a hosted system compared to traditional telephony and it is hardly surprising.

However, hosted phones are NOT RIGHT for everyone for various reasons we can explain if you invite us for an initial chat. It may be more appropriate for you to use/retain a premises-based phone system with a SIP trunk (the replacement for ISDN).

To find out more, just contact us for an informal chat – your situation will be different to someone else’s so let’s discuss your organisation and how we can move you to an agile and more efficient telecoms environment.

We Supply Throughout Kent, Sussex & London

Because we are locally focused we can provide a seamless and comprehensive hosted phone system solution.

We can install it onto your current internet connection (subject to us checking out the details) or give you advice on what connection would be best for you and deliver a truly end to end solution.

We will visit your premises and discuss your current situation in terms of systems, infrastructure, features, user needs and requirements and come up with what we believe would be the best system for you (not all systems are the same – not all customer organisations are the same).

We can provide a seamless upgrade with no loss of service and provide full training and support.

And if you are moving office anywhere in Kent, Sussex or the London area, that is really where we add value as we have managed hundreds of office relocations over the years,

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and organisations like yours over many years. From small enterprises with just a few people, to multi-site businesses with 100’s of staff.

We mainly work in Kent, Sussex, London and The South East of the UK.

Infographic of a Hosted Phone System

A Few Benefits Of Hosted Phones

(AKA VoIP, SIP and Cloud-Based Telephony)

1 – Cheaper than ISDN line rental

2 – Free calls*

2- No BT engineering visits

3 – Instant scalability

4 – Retain/use any phone number

5 – Instant divert and business continuity

6 – No Maintenance charges

7 – Low/no up front costs

8 – Free desk phones#

*Free calls to UK land lines and UK mobiles on our service – we cannot speak for others. # Free handsets are available on a 3 year contract.

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Hosted Phones - covering Kent, Sussex and London

What are Hosted Phones ?

Put simply, hosted phones (or a cloud-based system, internet phone system – there are many names for the same thing) simply are phones that do not work off of a system in your premises. In the past you would have had a control unit residing in your communications or server cabinet.

Now, instead of your phone handsets connecting to the local control unit, they simply connect through your internet connection to the cloud-based or hosted system which controls them.

Of course, your internet connection becomes a lot more important which is why it is a useful exercise to speak to us to see how you can improve it .

The Cloud system controls it and although it is a centralised system used by many hundreds or thousands of users, your part is segmented especially for you, which keeps costs down.

Why Would You Use A Hosted Phone System Rather Than A Traditional Digital ISDN System?

There are often many benefits and we have mentioned some of them at the top of the page. The reality is that in 2020 you won’t be able to order ISDN any more and it is being retired in 2025. So you will have no choice but to install hosted phones or, if you really want to retain a traditional phone system, you would install SIP trunks which are essentially hosted, cloud or internet-based phone lines.

Different types of hosted system.

There are many hosted system providers now. Some are big players, and some more niche. We only offer the market-leading system from Gamma – Gamma Horizon. We see little point in risking quality and reliability by offering anything niche or ‘home made’ like some resellers.

We also offer the 3CX, the IP Office and Mitel systems, all of which can be hosted if appropriate.

Is a Hosted Phone System the same as an Internet Phone System?

The short answer is ‘Yes’.

Your phone system would be accssed at all times using the internet – the system might be in the cloud or it could be in a data centre controlled and maintained by you or your provider.

Hosted Systems – Frequently Asked Questions