tecwork- Code of Practice

We are big believers in keeping things simple so rather than produce a long Code of Practice document, we have summarised below how we deal with our customers and what you can expect.

Driven by Principles at our Core

The main thing to explain is that our company and all who work for us and with us are expertly picked for their principles and attitude. These include:

Being of Service







Respect and Consideration for others and the natural world


The second thing to state is that other than our people, the only other thing we can offer you that our competitors may not is WOW FACTOR service excellence.

So when we are dealing with a project or some kind of issue, we will do so with your best interests at heart and will always keep you informed of progress.

With regards to Support, you can raise a support ticket by emailing support@tecwork.co.uk – this will feed into our ticketing system which will enable us to deal with the issue as efficiently as possible.

That is it – pretty simple. If you have any questions, please call us.