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Yesterday, we had an enquiry about a phone system upgrade from a new potential customer.

He had been asked by his Management to get together some ideas and quotes to upgrade their phone systems at their 4 sites.

Their various systems are old and they need to be much more agile, including having the ability for people to work from home or away from their desk – I got the feeling that this was something they have struggled with during the recent LOCKDOWN.

Now this organisation has 4 sites in the same town. They are a theatre and museum group.

They have several published phone numbers and different phone systems (one Nortel and one AVAYA IP Office is the only information provided) and groups of phone lines from different suppliers in each site.

He had been tasked with making a start and finding some suitable suppliers so he can come up with a shortlist of 3 suppliers – he was in contact with 12 in total!

He wasn’t really sure what internet connections were in each site and also not sure about the local data cabling other than to say that their network was managed by the local council and he was unsure whether they would allow anything else to connect to it.

So not a great deal to go on!

Here is what I sent him so he could at least make a start. Some information has been deleted to maintain confidentiality.

“As discussed, here is my initial email with my thoughts, recommendations and indicative costs.

Should we be shortlisted, I would need to visit each of the premises so I can provide a proper detailed proposal.

Initial Considerations

The following are the most important initial things to consider and bear in mind before embarking on your phone system upgrade project.

You need to check your existing supplier contracts for all published phone numbers, services and phone system maintenance. You must be free to migrate numbers away from your existing suppliers on the date of changeover. Note there is likely to be different contracts on different services from different suppliers, with different end/renewal date and terms

Moving to a new hosted system, which will definitely be your best option, will mean that you need reasonably good internet speeds at all sites. Existing connections could be used, or new, additional or faster connections could be installed. We would ascertain more detail on our survey but for the moment, indicative costs assume that existing connections can be used and we can prioritise voice on them to ensure call quality

As per 2, a new hosted system would require a data cabling socket for each phone device (can be shared with a PC). Ideally, existing cabling and network switches could be used. We will assume this for now. We can assess what is possible when we visit the sites. New cabling and switches can be installed where necessary, which will add to your costs.

If the existing network is to be used, we can virtually separate traffic on the new voice system to keep it separate from your council maintained infrastructure

Proposed solution

As stated, your best option would be to upgrade everything to a new hosted system. This would essentially mean that all numbers, calls and devices are part of the same system. Indeed, physical location of users is irrelevant.

As you will have just one system, all admin and programming is done through a central web portal, which we have access to for support. You also can have access and admin training so you can make programming changes instantly from any location.

If you agree to a 3 year agreement, all handsets will be provided free of charge, which keeps up front costs down significantly.

Our only costs are :

Professional services costs – project management installation and training – it is difficult to put a number on this at this stage, but to help you, you should budget for £x-£y Note that some suppliers may NOT make a charge for this. However, you have to ask them, how can they afford to have engineers installing and training on 4 different sites without making a charge.

Calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles are free. Calls to non-geographic and international numbers are chargeable (tariff are more competitive than on the average phone system and will be provided at quotation stage).

Potential costs for routers, switches and additional internet connections- we assume for the moment these are nil but will confirm costs once a survey has been completed.

Monthly costs for each user – A 47 user system will cost approximately £ y per month. Support is included.

There will be some minimal costs for number porting. I would estimate just a few hundred pounds but will confirm once we have full visibility of the project

Note that it is important to ascertain your current monthly costs for line rental, calls and phone system maintenance, all of which will disappear once you move to a new system. So although the new system will cost £ y pm, much of this cost will be paid for from savings – indeed, often it can be completely paid for and in some cases, you can actually save money compared with your current monthly costs. See attached ONE PAGER Business case. Normally, we would provide a BEFORE AND AFTER cost comparison for you but we would need copies of all bills to do this for you.

The system we are recommending is Gamma Horizon which is the UK market leader and is an Award-Winning product. Gamma is also an award-winning market-leading company.

I have attached our brochure for the system along with a few other relevant things including some screenshots.

Changeover is seamless with zero disruption with a phone system upgrade with tecwork.

Here are a few customers we deal with in Sussex – they all have a Gamma Horizon hosted phone system (among other things). Feel free to call any of them and ask them as to our competency. Let me know if you want the names and contact numbers for each:






Lastly, here is a brief list of reasons why you should consider us than another supplier:

25 years’ experience in telecoms

Recipient of 2 Service Excellence Awards

We have never lost a customer (other than through liquidation etc)

Average response time to all customer tickets/faults – 14 minutes and 53 seconds

Proper automated ticketing system to manage and measure faults and helpdesk performance

We also provide IT services so we have a holistic approach, unlike many telecoms providers

We only deal with the market leading product and supplier

All services provide on a single monthly bill with one point of contact

Comprehensive and proactive project and account management

No-Risk, Satisfaction, Money-Back-Guarantee

For customer testimonials, please see here:

tecwork testimonials

All costs exclude VAT.

Hopefully, this is useful. You will probably notice a different approach from us compared with others…hopefully you can see that we approach things very professionally and that we are most interested in securing customers for the long term with a bespoke approach and attention to detail. Many suppliers will mainly just be interested in securing an order for a phone system upgrade and often don’t do a brilliant job, which is a real wasted opportunity!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I have missed anything. If there is anything else required to make your shortlist, please also let me know.

A proper proposal and presentation can be provided in due course.”

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