IT and Telecoms Upgrade – a real life example.

We went to see a new customer yesterday to complete a ‘POST PROJECT MEETING’.

Over the last few months we have been working closely with this customer completely revolutionising the technology they have been using in their business.

They are a small business in Kent and offer B2B services – they have requested anonymity for various reasons. They have 8 members of staff and most of the time, their staff are out of the office at customer’s office or sites, working on various projects, so communicating and working smart as becoming really.

They are always very busy and finding time to sort out their various technology and systems was also difficult.

Tracey is one of the Directors and she was getting regular complaints from staff about their technology and something had to be done so she grasped the ‘nettle’ and asked us to help.

List of their IT and Telecoms issues

Here was the long list of things they needed sorted:

  1. They used a local ‘Hosted Desktop’ service through a local IT company. This was very expensive. This included all their email and desktop services plus a hosted server for their Evaluate program which allows them to make designs using CAD. Service was poor and there was little account management from their supplier.
  2. Their various PC laptop and MAC devices were old and not very efficient.
  3. They found it very hard to communicate internally and work on projects and files efficiently.
  4. They had a meeting table but were not able to hold meetings with their various staff and customers, regardless of their location.
  5. They weren’t sure about their whole set up and knew things could work better for them. They all used different operating systems and were not sure about security, back ups, ant-virus, spam etc etc
  6. Their phone system was from a different supplier – they had no support and no real features available to them. There were several suppliers involved with their broadband and telecoms
  7. They had several different suppliers and bills and it was difficult to know who dealt with what.
  8. Their mobile contract was expensive and they were convinced they were not getting good value for money

What we did for them – the solution

  1. We migrated all their email set up and files to a new Microsoft Office 365 environment using Sharepoint and Hosted Exchange with ZERO disruption. We could nor manage all their email on their behalf and it was reliable and secure within the Microsoft cloud. This also meant that accessing emails and files was easy and reliable regardless of their staff location and device being used. Also, all staff had the very latest Microsoft Office applications on their devices. They could also access and work on files off line if necessary.
  2. We installed a new server in their office for their Evaluate server, replacing the old hosted one and migrated all the data with ZERO disruption. All data is now securely backed up using Acronis meaning it is reliable and secure and can be restored quickly and easily in the event of a disaster. We set up a new router and firewall with a high speed internet connection with remote access back to the server for those that need it using secure VPN access.
  3. Some of their lap tops and PC’s were upgraded with the latest hardware and software. This included a new board room PC with a camera and microphone so they could do proper presentations to clients and hold conference’s and meetings with their staff regardless of location and devices being used (this has already paid dividends and they have won a large new contract as a result of the professional presentation). All devices now used Bitdefender anti virus and by using Office 365 and Advanced Threat Protection, they now had a really good set up with Best In Class anti-virus and spam protection. We also set up Microsoft Project for users that required it.
  4. A new hosted phone system was installed, retaining their existing main numbers and DDI numbers. New Polycom handsets were providing FREE OF CHARGE -phone calls would also be included with full support. They could also now use smart phone and soft phone apps on their mobiles and PC’s so they can work from their desk phones regardless of their locations and communicate more efficiently with customers and other colleagues.
  5. All users had proper training on their new IT and Telecoms set up
  6. All one off costs and hardware and software were financed on a 3 year lease in order to spread costs so they had no one off costs.
  7. They have effectively revolutionised their technology and the monthly costs of this are similar to what they were paying anyway, for a poor, disjointed set up, with poor service.
  8. They now get just one monthly bill and have one single point of contact.
  9. We just have to sort out their mobiles which we are in the process of doing and they still have some hardware to upgrade to complete the transformation – we will be adding the costs of this to their lease rental agreement.

As stated, we saw the customer yesterday and they are very happy with everything and now Tracey and her colleagues can get on with winning and managing projects without being hampered by poor technology!

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