Shocking Savings on Phone Bills

A real life example of how you can save money on phone bills.

One of the things I do regularly is analyse customer’s phone bills.

This week I have been working on another one that has left me stunned

If this doesn’t make you scrutinise your supplier bills, frankly nothing will!

We were recently referred to a business in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to help them initially with their internet connection. We duly did that and in the process I learned that they had 2 sites, 47 users and a phone system on ISDN from a supplier I had never heard of.

I knew there was a chance they were probably over paying and getting poor value for money from their telecoms set up. I looked at their bills which are briefly summarised below:

  1. Monthly support charge for phone system (system maintenance) – £ 158.32
  2. Assurance charge (not sure what that is – probably does nothing – £ 36
  3. Various analogue line rentals including fraud monitor charges (not sure that does anything), call diversion (needless), call minder (pointless) and various other things – £ 275.25
  4. Call charges for delivering inbound calls to their London site (they were lied to and were told they could have their number retained as it wasn’t a BT number so had to have it ‘virtualised’ – a complete lie – £ 1,624.46
  5. Line rental charges for ISDN30, DDI’s caller ID, Presentation number etc -£ 347.31
  6. Call charges outbound – £ 587.09 (most calls are UK – only about £ 58 spent on calling international and non-geo numbers) – it is no longer necessary to pay for UK calls with modern phone systems

Total Monthly spend £ 3,023.39! Plus VAT.

I then calculated what is would cost if we moved them to a new hosted phone system with support included, free handsets, free UK calls, better features and better support.

The cost – £ 782.79 per month!

That is a saving of £ 134,436 over 5 years!

Now they would have around £ 10,000 of up front costs to cover our Professional Services, number porting and POE switches – but that’s it.

Not only that – their old system doesn’t work very well and is pretty feature – less – the new one would bring HUGE value to them.

Another example of a WIN WIN.

Surprising eh? Are you looking to save money on phone bills?

Not really – this is quite typical – albeit this is a big one. But even a more modest business can probably save a lot of money and improve their set up no end. Plus their support is poor and will be WOW-FACTOR going forwards.

If this strikes a cord with you or someone you know, please get in touch – 01892 578666 – – or just message me.

Money Saving Expert would be pleased with this one!