Upgrading a Mitel phone system on ISDN to Hosted VoIP

Yesterday I went to London to see a business that’s got 7 sites.

They are still using an ISDN phone system at their central site with remote phones working off of the other sites.

That was quite a good solution back in the day. Sort of 8 or 10 years ago…

These days it’s not a good solution as they have one single point of failure at their main site so if their ISDN goes down or indeed their internet connection which is used for the remote phones to conect back to the main system, if that goes down they have lost everything basically.

So we are quoting for a new hosted phone system to replace all of that.

They also have a problem in that they need to utilise their call logging system so they can see how many calls they are getting in and out at certain times and that doesn’t work and they don’t know how to access it and they haven’t heard from their supplier for years – and so not alot of account management going on.

So we are going to upgrade them to a hosted system that removes all of those problems.

It means that they haven’t got a single point of failure and they are going to get new handsets, proper call logging, a lot of better features, much more resiliency and they are going to be saving £ 100 per month!

So a bit of a WIN/WIN really!

Hopefully they will see sense and place an order with us!

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